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West Hollywood Children's Academy


West Hollywood Children's Academy
Preschool - Kindergarten - 1st Grade
1030 North Vista Street
West Hollywood, CA 90046
(310) 748-1656 


We,at West Hollywood Children’s Academy, strive to provide children with a high quality academic program in a safe and nurturing environment.
Intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development is the primary concern of the staff and the administration of West Hollywood Children’s Academy.
Our educational program teaches math skills emphasizing logical thinking, reading skills using phonics, and basic writing skills to strengthen their intellectual level. Because it is difficult for young children to gain knowledge in large quantities and all at once, our program is tailor-made for each age level.
Our concern is for the social and emotional development of each child. We work to foster a positive self-concept and attitude toward learning, to enhance creativity and imagination, and to encourage personal initiative in each child.
We help children to explore the world. We teach children to be independent, to develop social skills, and to love learning.


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